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"Islands and Insulin is probably the most entertaining diabetes book I've read to date..."

--Amy Tenderich, Founder and Editor of Diabetes Mine

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“Erin Spineto should be proud as hell for being it, living it, and writing it."

- Kerri Sparling, creator and author of Six Until Me.

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This book is just the most fun, swoony, flirty, slaps you in the face with happiness RomCom and you need it!

--Ruby Clark, Netgalley Reviewer

About Me

ERIN SPINETO, author of Islands and Insulin, started surfing at age five when she stood up on her boogie board and realized waves were so much more fun to ride standing up. Since then she has had a love affair with empty beaches, warm water, and a post-surf lunch of fish tacos and Diet Dr Pepper eaten on a patio in the sun with her own real life hero, Tony, and their two surfing teenagers.

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