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Islands and Insulin (eBook)

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What if doctors declared you would never again do the one thing you felt you were born to do?

After surviving with diabetes for years, Erin Spineto was quickly losing her sanity. Buried beneath blood tests, injections, and medical devices, she had to do something drastic.

A sailor at heart, could she give up her passion to play it safe with diabetes? If she went, her blood sugars could plummet while alone in the middle of the ocean. Seasickness could raise blood sugars and slam her into a diabetic coma, leaving her incapable of handling the boat.

In “the most entertaining diabetes book I've read to date…," Erin navigates her twenty-two-foot sailboat down the Florida Keys as she fights winds, currents, and swells that threaten to capsize her. (Amy Tenderich, Founder and Editor of Diabetes Mine)

In a time when doctors advised people with diabetes “avoid any extreme exertion,” will Erin push the boundaries of what is possible or find out the hard way she should have listened to the warnings?

Fans of The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom and The Insulin Express will love this thrilling and uplifting story about one girl’s defiance of those who would stand in her way.

Don't miss out on the action of this unforgettable journey. Click the BUY NOW button and sail away with Erin on her journey to accepting diabetes as she navigates those tumultuous early years of adulthood and learns how valuable real friendships are in the battle against a chronic disease.

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What people are saying...

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“Erin Spineto should be proud as hell for being it, living it, and writing it."

- Kerri Sparling, creator and author of Six Until Me.

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"It's an enjoyable mix of love, learning, diabetes, and adventure."

- Scott Johnson, Type 1 Advocate.

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"Islands and Insulin is probably the most entertaining diabetes book I've read to date..."

--Amy Tenderich, Founder and Editor of Diabetes Mine

About Me

ERIN SPINETO, author of Islands and Insulin, started surfing at age five when she stood up on her boogie board and realized waves were so much more fun to ride standing up. Since then she has had a love affair with empty beaches, warm water, and a post-surf lunch of fish tacos and Diet Dr Pepper eaten on a patio in the sun with her own real life hero, Tony, and their two surfing teenagers.